Tell the Real Story

“Choice” should include all choices

Your dollars help save the lives of mothers and children, both today and for generations to come.
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Empower women to break the cycle.

It’s time to save lives.

Pregnant Choices Partners With Moms for Life

Pregnant Choices uses a proven process to empower women to break the cycle, changing the course of their lives and the lives of their babies.

  1. Confirm pregnancy through free testing and ultrasounds
  2. Guide the patient through options education – A safe space to share information surrounding abortion and choices women have with pregnancy.
  3. When life is chosen, we provide support for prenatal care and adoption resources, as needed.
  4. A 5 Year Follow-up Program where post-pregnancy mentorship, counseling, and support are provided.


The Statistics Tell the Real Story

  • 138%

    Higher Risk of Mental Health Problems

    Women who aborted have a 138% higher risk of mental health problems compared to women who have given birth.

  • 110%

    Increase in Drug & Alcohol Abuse

    Women with a history of abortion have a 110% higher rate of drug and alcohol abuse compared to those who have not had an abortion.

  • 155%

    Higher Rate of Suicidal Behavior

    Women with a history of abortion demonstrate a 155% higher rate of suicidal behavior compared to those who have not had an abortion.

More than 500 lives saved and counting.

  • PC Patient

    They are absolutely amazing. I have never met so many helpful women. My daughter is 4 and they still check on me and my child. They are such a true blessing to women in need.
  • PC Patient

    They are the place to go for comfort non judgement and assistance everyday during pregnancy and after. I love the entire staff so much as they have been a huge part of our lives.
  • PC Patient

    Pregnant Choices was a total game changer to my pregnancy. The love and support Mrs. Theresa showed me helped me make a better decision for me and my family. I will forever be grateful for their compassion and they continue to reach out to me to check on my baby girl and myself! Thanks for all that you have done and the love you have shown me while I was unsure about my pregnancy!
  • G.R.O.W. Participant

    My mentor is an amazing blessing and has impacted me in such a helpful way…I’m truly grateful for this program allowing me a safe place to plan for a better future.